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Adapt SKF Seals and bearings

As a premier industrial packaging equipment manufacturer, Npack has innovatively designed and built a diverse range of automatic liquid filling machines and semi-automatic liquid fillers, each equipped with various dosing technologies. Npack is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the optimal liquid fillers tailored to your specific needs. Our expert guidance is based on careful consideration of your applications, liquid characteristics, and the dosing and measuring technology required

piston filling machine

Adapt with a volumetric piston measuring technology dosing liquid and viscous liquid

Npack built it specially for filling the thin liquid or liquid with foamy)non corrosive liquid

Adapt a weighing cell to measuring the liquids, filling liquid into big containers more than 10L

Adapt with a pump measuring technology dosing liquid and viscous liquid

adapt flow meters to measure the liquid volume

gravity filling with any other power,control the filling volume and quantity by a timing

How to Choose the liquid filling machine?

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Liquid Filling Machine Application Fields

Whether it’s an automatic, semi-automatic, or manually operated liquid filler, each serves the essential purpose of accurately measuring and dosing liquid products into various containers or packaging formats such as tubes, bags, and sachets. The distinctive feature of a liquid filling machine lies in its adaptability, designed and manufactured in response to the specific characteristics of the liquid products themselves. This unique approach ensures that the machinery aligns seamlessly with the properties of the liquid being packaged.

The versatility of liquid fillers transcends industrial boundaries, making them indispensable across diverse sectors. Npack’s liquid filling machines find application in a wide array of industries, affirming their relevance wherever there is a need to package liquids into containers. Whether in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, or other manufacturing sectors, Npack’s liquid filling machines stand as reliable and adaptable solutions, meeting the diverse demands of liquid packaging in various industrial fields.

Industrial Oil

We provide comprehensive bottling solutions and equipment for the packaging of industrial oil products.

Edible Oil

Specializing in precision fillers tailored for olive oil in glass bottles and edible oil in PET bottles, ranging from 100ml to 5000ml


Offering advanced liquid bottling equipment and solutions for the beauty industry, including makeup, skincare, fragrance, hair, and various beauty products

Daily Chemicals

Providing efficient bottling equipment and filling solutions for a range of liquid products, including shampoo, lotion, detergent, shower gel, and other liquid formulations.

Juice and Liquor

We provide comprehensive liquor bottling lines, encompassing bottle washing, filling, capping, or corking for a seamless and efficient production process.


Specializing in liquid filling solutions for oral products, eye and ear drops, syrups, and dentist products, ensuring precision and reliability in every fill

Sauce and ingredients

Offering specialized filling and bottling solutions for food sauces and ingredients, including soy, ketchup, tomato sauce, and dressings, to meet the highest quality standards

Robotic Packaging

Implementing robotic fully automated packaging systems with a centralized controller for streamlined operations in a single workshop.

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Choose a liquid filler base on Liquid Viscosity

The liquid viscosity value decide we choose which filling dosing can reference below viscous chart.The Viscous value is less 900cps is a thin liquid;1000cps to 10,000cps is a viscous level;more than 10,000cps is a high viscous level.

Approximate Viscosities of Common Materials
(At Room Temperature-70°F)
MaterialViscosity in Centipoise
Water1 cps
Milk3 cps
SAE 10 Motor Oil85-140 cps
SAE 20 Motor Oil140-420 cps
SAE 30 Motor Oil420-650 cps
SAE 40 Motor Oil650-900 cps
Castrol Oil1,000 cps
Karo Syrup5,000 -8000cps
Honey8000-10,000 cps
Chocolate25,000 cps
Ketchup50,000 cps
Mustard70,000 cps
Sour Cream100,000 cps
Peanut Butter250,000 cps

liquid Filling Machine working technology videos help you choose

Certainly! If you need information on how liquid filling machines work, you can refer to the videos or our FAQ Center for detailed explanations. Unfortunately, I can’t watch videos or provide specific links. However, you can explore our FAQ Center or view the videos for a comprehensive understanding of various types of liquid fillers and their functionalities.

Choose a Liquid Filling machine according to Container

the container sizes and volume is one of the key factor, and decide to choose which types of filling machine finally.Npack list a solution for you,and makes you easy to decide which one is the best and most suitable liquid filler.

  • More than 10KG or 10L a weighing measuring filler, no matter the viscous, the viscosity is for choosing the dosing technology, such as volumetic, pump or flowmeters.
  • 500ml to 5000ml non corrosive liquid, almost all the liquid fillers are suitable, if not consider the foamy degree.If it is foamy liquid, then overflow filler, or a gravitiy filler with nozzles diving, or a piston filler with diving filling nozzles
  • Viscous without corrosive, piston filler
  • High Viscous lobe pump filler or high pressure piston filler
  • Corrosive liquid , depends on the viscous, then choose the filler
  • 1ml to 100ml pump filler or piston ceramic pump
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